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Enhancing Protection Technology High Performance Tools Combined with Strong Business Process.


We manage state-of-the-art remotely controllable cameras and other network-savy tools and apps to assist, in securing your physical assets and provide critical and timely incident-related information. Our use of sophisticated new market technologies provides for obsservations that allow you to address risks than can potentially be very costly.


We provide online visitor tracking solutions to monitor and account for peoples access and egress at your facility. We ensure that comfort and protection level are maintained for your residents, patients and customers. We assist you in managing and maintaining the the elevator and call box emergency systems that use ip (Internet Protocols). Our systems will validate guests and remotely escort them through key entry and exit points on the property.


We provide improved Workplace Oversight and a secure working environment for your staff by monitoring staff tasks, performance profiles and effectiveness. We will also assist you in controlling and recording accesses to key areas and assets. An additional component of the service will be offsite storage of video, audio, phone and email data that may need to be archived for future use.